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Catwalks provide safe access to specific work areas as required, and can be installed at the interior or exterior of the building.

Interior Catwalk

Access/SIT was presented with a challenge to design and engineer a compliant exterior building maintenance system for this historic property. The building had sloped roofs and no roof structure to walk on. Access/SIT designed and engineered over 500 feet of the interior catwalk suspended from the sloped rafters above the concrete ceiling in middle air. The catwalks allow window washers and unscheduled building maintenance crews access to the permanent horizontal push out beams for suspension of a powered platform on the exterior of the building. Access/SIT designed the permanent push out beams through the concrete wall just below the sloped roof.

interior catwalk
Exterior Catwalk

Exterior Catwalk

  An exterior ladder and catwalk system were installed to an existing condominium building to be able to access the exterior elevation over an unsupportive garage roof.

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