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Roof Tie Back, Safety Line and CDA Anchors

Roof anchors are essential safety devices that are fixed on rooftops to prevent accidents and falls. They are designed to secure safety harnesses and lanyards to the roof, ensuring that workers can move around freely while staying tethered to a reliable anchor point. Roof anchors can be permanent or temporary, depending on the project requirements, and are made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Proper installation, testing, and maintenance of roof anchors are critical to ensuring their effectiveness and maintaining a safe work environment. Without roof anchors, working on rooftops would be a hazardous job, so it is important to take safety seriously and provide the right equipment for your workers. We offer Top quality roof tie back and safety anchors. Tie back anchors for equipment and/or safety line attachments can be designed to be attached to the roof or wall, and can be flush mounted under deck or pavers.

Roof Anchors

Design and engineered for tie back, safety lines and CDA use. Maximum Loads: 5,000 lb. ultimate load, any direction.

Access Roof Anchors
wall anchor


Where possible, tie back anchors can be installed into walls This method helps eliminate the need for costly roofing modifications.

Flush Mount Anchors

flush mount anchors
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